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One of the aims of our project has been to preserve traditional boatbuilding skills by providing a wide variety of workshops. We’ve certainly done this for our volunteers, running a range of workshops on everything from planning and drafting, using traditional adzes, to shaping planks and roving.

Our volunteers also undertook the development of boat building skills at Banff Academy by providing regular workshops. Excitingly a boatbuilding course is now offered as part of the Academy curriculum, with around twenty pupils fully involved.

We also wanted to spread the story of our coble, so actively encourage visitors. We have been delighted to welcome folks young and old, ranging from primary school children and university students to community and senior citizens groups from our own town and from Europe and USA. Throughout the project, activities have been recorded by Stephen MacMillan of Blue Moon Films.

We look forward to seeing the end result, a sample clip is included in this website.