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Setting up the Workshop


We were delighted and very grateful to be given use of a former butcher’s workshop in Portsoy.
It was just what we needed, large, safe, secure, with lots of storage space and electrical points.
There’s one big flaw, however. Have a look at the size of the door! When it’s time to bring the coble out of the workshop, we have a solution in mind, but we’ll leave you to guess! Notice the super mural of Portsoy created by Jack Elliott, one of our volunteers, all along one wall.

Although we will use traditional methods and tools wherever possible, we realised that large power tools were essential. Using our Heritage Lottery Funding, we purchased a planer/ thicknesser, a band saw, bench saw and much more. Assembling and setting up everything gave us a few headaches but we did manage fairly quickly.

At the end of the project, the tools will continue to be used at PORT’s new Boatshed by the harbour.