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Coble Exhibition


An important element of this project has been dissemination of knowledge about our coble building activities along with the history of salmon fishing.To do this we created an exhibition called

The Coble and the King of Fish, which tells the story of traditional salmon fishing at Portsoy, how our project came about and how it is progressing.

Special boat shaped stands were designed and built by volunteers, then text and pictures selected and collated. We employed ‘All in House’ a local company, to produce twelve information panels to a high professional standard. The exhibition was launched at 2014’s Boat Festival where it was very well received.

From there, we were invited to take the exhibition to the Orkney International Science Festival and to deliver presentations on our project. Next, we were sponsored by Stewart Stephenson MSP, to bring the exhibition to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood for a week. Since then, the exhibition has been on display at Portsoy Primary School and at Portsoy’s Salmon Bothy.

Who knows where it may go after that!